Compassionate Leadership

Leadership is the co-creation of new futures. That the world is currently is in desperate need of new leaders, is no longer a matter of doubt.

The current crises that we are facing on all fronts point to a fundamental flaw in our paradigm of Leadership. There is a need for leaders to work from Wholeness, and also from the Compassion that abounds at the core of our humanness.

Compassionate Leadership is deeply linked to Learning. When people understand the forces creating the adverse conditions of their life, and how they might change those forces, they become eager and rapid learners.

They are capable of learning sophisticated skills that far surpass traditional assumptions about their intellectual capacity. And they learn these skills faster than anyone would have thought possible. FPCL seeks to develop  Compassionate Leaders through retreats, action learning, peer learning, and the fostering of Communities of Practice.

We will focus on sustaining and growing the global community of Compassionate Leaders, creating Networks of Networks, and also inspiring Compassionate Leaders to:

  1. Sustain their own spiritual practice;
  2. Grow in strength and learning through the community of Heart, and also of Practice; and
  3. Make a tangible difference and create a better world for all – project by project.
  4. Use Technology to solve some of the difficult problems of the world keeping the well begin of the people at the center

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