Get Involved

Here Are A Few Ways For You to Get Involved

Anyone  – anywhere in the world – who is committed to Peace, Compassionate Leadership, and has the time and the energy to contribute to Actionable Projects for the creation of a Wholesome World that Works for all, is welcome to get involved with the work that we do. All that we seek is that those who wish to get involved with us should be kind, truthful, unbiased, inclusive, tolerant, polite, and action-oriented.

Here are a few suggested ways for you to get involved:

Ways to Volunteer

Assistance with Outreach and Friends-raising

Volunteers are welcome to help us reach out for supporters, members, friends, and leaders who can support us in diverse ways.

Preparation of Materials

There’s always a need for people who are good word-smiths and can create content and materials for events, programs, outreach, projects, and the like.

Conducting Sessions in Schools

If you are a teacher or love to interact with teachers, and children; and wish to be a part of the Respectful; Schools and Peace Pioneers program, then this may be the place where you can contribute to making wholesome schools and communities.

Assignments at the World Unity Centre, Srinagar, India

From looking after the Resources at the Centre to enabling volunteers and researchers who live and work there, there’s always a lot to do at the WUC. If you are good at organizing, planning, and get along with people, this may be the way for you to help.


The work we do needs resources and the more we can get, the greater is the impact we can have. If you can help with fundraising, you’re most welcome to be a part of the team.


Every part of the world would benefit from afforestation and the enhancement of biodiversity. You too could be a part of this.

Initiating Projects

Conducting Impactful projects which have a metric-based, documentable, and visible impact on the lives of people, and the well-being of the environment is important for the manifestation of our purpose. If you think you can initiate, enlist people and lead such a project, get in touch with us.

Conducting Events

There are a number of events that can be conducted for leaders in all walks of life, to take the message of Peace and Compassionate Leadership forward. This requires effective planning and execution. If you think you have the skills and the time to do this jointly with others from the Foundation, do let us know.

Using Your Skills

You may be gifted with a distinctive set of skills and capabilities that can be harnessed for the well-being of people and our planet. Do you think you have some such gifts? If yes, reach out to us, and let’s together put our creative caps together to determine how best we may use your skills to make a better world. We invite those with a talent for theatre, music, acting, cooking, healing, photography, crafts, and tinkering with science and technology to feel free to contact us. This, by the way, is not an exhaustive list and all talents are welcome.