Youth Collaborating for Compassion (YCC)

is a global movement that aims at promoting Peace and Compassion with the help of young leaders from all around the world.

The YCC experience is a low-cost intercultural learning opportunity for schools that helps its young leaders of tomorrow to develop the knowledge, the communication/technical skills and the understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.

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The YCC Movement has been divided into three parts

Intercultural Interactions

Young leaders from around the world are given opportunities for a free exchange of ideas across borders.

Free Interactive Workshops

Help students to develop important skills to grow as Future Leaders and Peace Pioneers.

The Action Learning Projects

Which will be a collective effort to bring change into the society and solve real life problems at root levels!

These projects will be planned and executed entirely by students with a little support from their schools and Foundation for Peace Compassionate Leadership (FPACL).