What We Do

We help people and leaders across the world appreciate that love and peace are the way, whereby all differences can be reconciled and celebrated. Furthermore, we help people understand that the Source of Life is the same for all Beings. This understanding enables the values of Inclusion, and Equity to be strengthened. These insights also provide the means to defuse and eliminate some of the pressing threats to humanity, that emerge from an over-exploitation and inequitable sharing of natural resources, and a desire for domination at the individual and collective levels. At the level of communities, the paradigm can foster amity, collaboration, and problem-solving; and enable societies to become inclusive, harmonious, productive, wholesome, and peaceful.

A world that we would be proud to bequeath to our children and the generations after them, would be one of love, ethical behaviour, and peace. It will be a world in which people care for one another, as well as for the environment. It will be a world governed by deep love and compassion.

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We lead the way in creating schools that are healthy and supportive eco-systems of learning, where children of all ages understand and live by the Values that support Life; and who are sensitized to self-control, Emotional Mastery, Tolerance, Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Collaboration, Service and Responsibility. Compassionate schools promote freedom of expression, work towards inclusion, and the absence of discrimination on any and all grounds.

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A Vision that is aligned to wholeness, and to our Innermost space of joy and peace, is a potent starting point for something good to materialize. Even when disturbing world events occur, we can rely on our imagination to focus and concentrate on our positive vision and the outcomes that we wish to bring to fruition. Compassionate Leadership starts with this all-inclusive approach, where there’s an unwavering spotlight on the Values and the Actions that are required to be brought to bear on Leadership in every walk of life.

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Businesses that are well-run have the power to bring material happiness to humanity. Many of the affordable innovations that we take for granted – in realms ranging from  Energy, Mobility, Medicine, Communications, and Entertainment to Agriculture, Nutrition, health, and Wellness – are the results of the right technologies, and scientific discoveries amalgamated to make our material lives better through affordable products and services. At the same time, businesses – by virtue of being large users of energy and natural resources – and since they have influence, impact, and do have an adverse impact on our planet, people expect them to be at the forefront of making ours a better world. The only way for businesses to alleviate and mitigate the adverse outcomes and risks to which the world is exposed is to work closely with communities and initiate impactful projects that enable us to collectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals well before 2030.

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