Global Peace Ambassadors

The underlying substratum of life is an infinite field of Silence, Awareness, and  Peace. This is the very SAP  that everything in life is made up of.

When we relax into the sacred now, silently witnessing our thoughts and feelings, we experience infinite love, compassion, joy, peace, and wholeness; and discover that this is the essence of who we truly are.

Just as we have ambassadors of different nations, a Global Peace Ambassador is an Ambassador of LIFE – of love In Full Expression. These are the people who bring the timeless message of peace, wholeness, and love to leaders and people across nations, religions, cultures, and gender. They stimulate and inspire leaders of nations to transcend policies that divide and endeavor to dominate.

The role of a Global Peace Ambassador is to awaken people to the beauty and peace that is within us and all around us.

Through regular moments of silence and quiet time, Global Peace Ambassadors are anchored in their remembrance of inner peace and joy. From this space of presence,  their thoughts, words, and actions serve to remind others of their true home… the peace and abundance of LIFE as a whole.

What Global Peace Ambassadors Do

Global Peace Ambassadors are carefully selected and then trained by the most upright, ethical, and holistic leaders of the world, to work from the infinite space of peace and love ( see above). Thus armed they will:

  1. Radiate Peace and Wholesomeness across the globe, in acts of joyful service  using their innate talents and gifts;
  2. Facilitate  and catalyse the movement of people from:
    • Fragmentation to wholeness,
    • Negativity and despair to joy and hope,
    • A lack of awareness of ones gifts, to awakening to our own and other people’s gifts ,
    • Disease and Ill-health to ease and health,
    • Indifference and selfishness to selflessness and care;
    • Violence and strife to  non-violence and peace;  and
    • From suffering to lasting joy.

Global Peace Ambassadors’  care and compassion begin with self-compassion and care.

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